Shooting the State Shoot

Your forehead is beaded with sweat and you're exhausted from the sun beating down on you all day, but you finally did it. You made it to the front of the squadding line. Now all you have to do is shoot. 

The Barstow Gun Club had several members attend the California State Shoot this year and as usual we had a very fun time. The temperatures were high as expected early in the week but cooled down as the championship events were set to take place. The first two days produced no winners from the club. On the third day however, things would change as James Schooler would win his yardage groups champion, while Robert VanVacter would win runner up for his yardage group in the Eilert Handicap event. On the fourth day, resident Junior Gold, Cory Duitsman, would win a shoot off to be the Junior gold doubles champion for the California Championship Doubles event. In the afternoon on that day we shot the Presidents handicap event both Justin Anderson and Ed Duitsman won their yardage groups in that event. The Championship singles event on the fifth day produced no winners but I was assured everyone had a good time. The final day was the Handicap championship event and Justin Schooler was able to win his yardage group with Robert VanVacter winning the runner up in the same yardage group. Matt Gumz was able take home the D class runner up for the High overall and Cory Duitsman was able to win the junior gold high all around runner up. 

Thank you all who went to the California State Shoot and represented our club. If you are interested in traveling with members of the club there are multiple shoots we go to throughout the year and you will be welcome, simply EMAIL or ask around the club. Shoot Safe!