Interested in making the California State team?

In an effort to bring another level of competition to the Barstow gun club and as an excuse to visit some different clubs this year a few of us are going to try and make the State Team. If you click on this link:

You can see the requirements.


We will be updating the calendar below with different shoots that members will be traveling to. These shoots are not a requirement that you go to them but just a suggestion because other club members will be attending.

If you have any questions about the requirements in the link above please feel free to ask around at the club or you can contact Justin Schooler through the club

Shoots coming up


Nevada State Trapshoot

+ Event Details


Nevada State Trapshoot

The First Day of a 6 day shooting event. This will count towards your overall number of targets required for the year but will NOT count towards your 5 California club requirement or your out of zone requirement. It is not required you shoot all 6 days you can show up whichever days you are able to make it. The last day of this shoot is October 27th. For information on this shoot go to